Woodstock Equestrian Park

For information about the park and the Master Plan proposed for the area go to this site: http://www.equestrianpark.org/home.htm.

SCA Position Statement: 

S.C.A. supports limited development of the Equestrian Park for recreation purposes for local citizens but not for hosting major events which could strain water resources, interfere with agricultural production and/or cause major increases in traffic on rustic roads.


On October 22, 2009 the staff the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission presented phase 2 for the Woodstock Equestrian Area on highway 28 between Beallsville and Dickerson. We were informed that funding has become available for some modest improvements, including restoration of the historic structures, expanded parking, and two event fields.  Although more work is needed to determine the availability of water and required septic systems, the present plan appears to be the kind that will enhance the public enjoyment of the park without creating unwanted traffic congestion and a degradation of the environment that would result from some of the more extravagant proposals in the Master Plan.

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