Barnesville Oaks Development


Here is S.C.A.'s position statement on Barnesville Oaks. Please check the bottom of the page for updates.

The Board Members of the Sugarloaf Citizens’ Association are opposed to the proposed Barnesville Oaks residential development for these main reasons:

  1. The resulting cluster will simply be too large.  The proposed cluster along Peach Tree Road will be right alongside two existing clusters of larger homes.  The resulting mega-cluster will have no community feel but will simply be a de-facto subdivision in look, feel, and in fact.  This is truly not appropriate in the Agricultural Reserve.  We believe, if the development is allowed to proceed, that some of the homes in the East side of the Peach Tree Road cluster should be eliminated or distributed elsewhere on the property – perhaps along Route 109 or White’s Store Road.
  2. The proposed cluster as now situated excessively reduces the forestation of the area, clearing 35 acres.  We realize there is a trade off between using up agricultural land versus currently forested land.  However, older growth forests like the one affected are scarce and need to be preserved.  No amount of mitigation will replace the old growth being lost.
  3. The proposed development will introduce a traffic hazard, for those slowing down to turns into access roads,  for those through travelers coming upon those access roads, and especially for bicyclists using Peach Tree Road coming into conflict with cluster residents exiting via their access roads.
  4. The question of whether the tenant properties on the area being developed count as residences has not been resolved.  We fear that the developers will return in the future to add yet more development depending on how that issue is ultimately resolved.  This concern would, of course, be allayed if the property were put into an environmental trust.
  5. Water supplies for current residents are jeopardized with the planned 24 accesses to the common aquifer, especially with the planned needs of 5-6 bedroom dwellings.  We believe that the developers should be required to establish a "sphere of influence" to which the County could require and apply a hold harmless provision to protect the existing residents from undue impact on their water supplies.

Click here for a link to the Gazette editorial on the hearing. Click here for a link to a Gazette article about the hearing.

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