Sugarloaf Citizens' Association

S.C.A. Statement of Purpose

Founded in 1973, the Sugarloaf Citizens’ Association (S.C.A.) is a nonprofit organization of community volunteers with headquarters at the Linden Farm. As a dedicated network of citizens, we monitor and take action when zoning regulations in the Sugarloaf region are violated, the viability of farming is threatened or the environmental health of the area is compromised. As a result, S.C.A. has established itself as a respected organization with considerable political clout.

If you would like to know more about S.C.A., or its current initiatives, please contact Lauren Greenberger, President at


President: Lauren Greenberger
Vice president: Steve Findlay
Secretary: Vacant
Immediate past president: Beth Daly
Treasurer: Eric Cronquist

SCA 2018 Board Members

  Woody Bailey
Jim Brown
Tina Brown
Jim Choukas-Bradley
Jay Cinque
Beth Daly
Jaime Field
Peter Gimbrere

Ellen Gordon
Tom Hoffman
Jane Hunter
Steve Nothwehr
Gil Rocha
Heidi Rosvold-Brenholtz
Dan Savino
Sophie Watkins


Election of Officers and Board Members by the S.C.A. Membership takes place during the Annual Meeting.

Sugarloaf Citizens' Association, Inc.
Linden Farm 
20900 Martinsburg Road
P.O. Box 218 
Dickerson, MD 20842

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