S.C.A. Accomplishments

The following are highlights of S.C.A.’s work on behalf of the Agricultural Reserve:

  • Opposition to the county incinerator located in upper Montgomery County.

  • Strong negotiations with the County about the location of the composting facility near Dickerson which resulted in on-going meetings between S.C.A. officers and the waste management officials.

  • Constant monitoring of activities at, and interaction with the officials of the Dickerson Generating Station including during the recent addition of a new stack and the installation of environmental equipment.
  • Consistent opposition to the creation of an outer beltway and a new bridge across the Potomac that would bisect the Agriculture Reserve.
  • Opposition to efforts to circumvent the established rules and guidelines for the Agriculture Reserve including the use of child lots for extensive development and sand mound septic systems to allow residential construction on marginal land.
  • Opposition to the location of transmission lines across rural lands near Sugarloaf Mountain and to the siting of a large church complex on farmland in Frederick County, with entry from a Montgomery County rustic road.
  • Support of residents of the Sugarloaf region on an extensive number of issues including poor telephone service, rural road maintenance, Ag Reserve schools and post office closings.
  • Operation of the restored Linden Farm as a place for public meetings and educational events. Hosting of an annual meeting where local citizens can meet county leaders, voice their concerns and participate in ongoing S.C.A. programs.

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